Top 10 healing uses of basil

, Top 10 healing uses of basil
  1. Basil tea helps digestion and soothes the gut.
  2. The basil extract acts beneficial in cases of stomatitis and herpes simplex.
  3. The basil essential oil relieves cough, flu and cold, depression and apathy and soothes insect bites and snakes.
  4. Essential oil also stimulates the nervous system, combats stress, anxiety, mental fatigue and helps concentrate.
  5. The consumption of basil leaves with oil, as a salad, combats constipation.
  6. It can enhance memory.
  7. In Italian cuisine, pesto pasta, a green Italian oil and herb sauce, is based on basil.
  8. It is believed that it can repulse mosquitoes.
  9. It is used in the pharmaceutical industry and in aromatherapy.
  10. It is widely used in the distillery.

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