The wild Cretan goat that “baptized” in the White House

In June 1950, Eftihis Protopapadakis, from Chania, Crete, captured a wild goat, or as it is now called, “cre-cre”, in order to give it to then US President Harry Truman to thank him for the famous Marshall Plan.

The Marshall Plan was the financial support of European states after the end of World War II.

The story, along with pictures from the Zoo in Washington, was published by the American magazine “Life” in September 1950, while the wild goat from Crete had managed to become the number 1 “attraction” of the town!

Truman’s own words are worth mentioning:

, The wild Cretan goat that “baptized” in the White House
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The name “Cre-Cre” or “Kri-Kri”

The wild Cretan goat, was not called KRI KRI since then. It is thought to have been given this name by Cretan Creature (Cre-Cre, Kri-Kri), after its “visit” to America in 1950.

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