The secret weapon of the Byzantines that revived in the Game of Thrones

The Byzantine Empire, despite the dozens of enemies it was called upon to face over the years, managed to survive for more than a millennium! This is due to many factors, not least to the luminous kings who ruled, but also to the people who, with their sacrifices, managed to keep the Empire alive!

, The secret weapon of the Byzantines that revived in the Game of Thrones

Apart from the above, the Byzantines also possessed a secret weapon: the liquid fire, which was also known by many other names: ”Greek fire”, ”sea fire”, ”fireball ”, etc.

The formula of the Greek fire

One of the greatest mysteries, historically and scientifically, remains the formula of the greek fire. The formula of the greek fire, as it is reasonable, was a well-kept secret, transmitted from emperor to emperor.

The Greek fire in Game of Thrones

In the world-famous “Games of Thrones”, there is a spectacular battle scene where wild fire is used, similar to the greek fire!

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