The “Saint Judge” of Keramia of Chania

The church of Saint Nikolaos in Gero Lakkos Keramia in Chania, Crete has two aisles dedicated to Saint Panteleimon (built in the 20th century) and Saint Nikolaos, the patron of sailors, which has existed for a long time and as a church has its own very interesting history:

, The “Saint Judge” of  Keramia of Chania

In the difficult years of the Turkish-occupied Crete, the Turkish courts did not confer proper justice, and so the church had the role of a courtroom with a judge … the church of Saint Nikolaos!

Over the years, the church of Saint Nikolaos in Gero Lakkos Keramia became known throughout Crete and thus farmers and citizens from all over the island were coming there in order to solve their problems!

View of Keramia

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