The only one animal that disappeared twice from Earth

Over the centuries, many species have become endangered, either due to natural factors or due to human intervention. Even in cases where animal welfare organizations or scientific communities have tried to save species, they were not lucky.

However, there is an animal that has managed to disappear twice and it’s called Pyrenean ibex. According to Britannica, it has lived since the end of the Ice Age in the Pyrenees of Portugal and in the Basque Country in northern Spain. Its extremely rare horns, however, made it a very popular prey for humans and for this reason the bucardo (as its official name is) had begun to disappear.

Attempts to protect them until 1980 were unsuccessful and by the ‘90s only one survived. Until 2000 the only survivor, named “Selia”, was dead, crushed under a fallen tree. However, the scientists had provided and received cells from the animal from various parts of its body, so that they could proceed with the cloning process. This is a process that in recent years has become successful in sheep. For this reason 500 cloned ibex embryos were implanted in about 150 goats and the scientists were waiting.

Of all these, only one bucardo managed to be born, believing that he could wander the earth and perhaps give birth to offspring. However, a few seconds after birth, the Pyrenean ibex lost its life unable to breathe with an extra lobe in its lung.

, The only one animal that disappeared twice from Earth

This, of course, is something that scientists had not ruled out, as it has also happened in sheep cloning experiments, as reported by

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