The myth behind the “Dragon” the huge rock in Crete that predicts the weather

Greece is a country that has part of its cultural heritage, mythology and traditions. In fact, Crete is an island where the myths had a dominant discourse, became part of everyday life and in some cases were verified. Something similar happens with “Dragon”, a granite rock of Crete that is believed to be able to predict the weather.

In particular, this rock is located in the cave of Agios Myronas, in Kato Asites and the signs it presents to residents or passers-by, are considered to predict the weather. When small bubbles (something like white foam) appear in the crevices of the rock, this is a sign of rainy weather, while the times when a piercing sound is heard from inside of the rock, it means that there is heavy winter.

Although many scientists (geologists, engineers, etc.) have visited the area and the “Dragon”, they can not give a substantiated explanation for the phenomenon. As it seems, everything can be better explained based on the myth of Saint Myron.

, The myth behind the “Dragon” the huge rock in Crete that predicts the weather

From the courtyard of the church of Agios Myronas, descending the slope from the west, there is a small cave in rocks, which goes under the church. This cave was the place of practice of the Saint and is directly connected with the present miracle. It is rumored that one day when the Saint was missing, a dragon appeared in the village, scaring all the inhabitants.

But one Sunday morning, when the Saint was officiating at the church of the Savior Christ, the dragon appeared again. Reassuring the inhabitants of the village, Saint Myron gave his hierarchical staff to the deacon and told him to order the dragon in the name of Christ. Indeed, as soon as the deacon carried out the order, the terrifying creature stopped moving. At the end of the service, the Saint stood in the churchyard and threw a large stone at the dragon and suddenly, other rocks began to fall at the same spot, forming a large rock now known as the “Dragon”.

, The myth behind the “Dragon” the huge rock in Crete that predicts the weather

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