The most beautiful woman was from… Cyprus?

, The most beautiful woman was from… Cyprus?

Nefertiti was an ancient Egyptian queen who lived between 1370-1330 BC. about and her name means “Beautiful has arrived“. She is one of the most famous queens of ancient Egypt well known for her dynamic personality and beauty.

, The most beautiful woman was from… Cyprus?

The origin of Nefertiti has not been ascertained, and several theories claim she was from Cyprus. She was the main wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten and was entitled as the “Great Royal Wife“. With Akhenaten Nefertiti had six daughters.

Akhenaten embarked on a particularly radical religious reform, creating a monotheistic framework focusing on the Aten solar disk.

Nefertiti held a particularly important position next to her husband, Akhenaten.

Today Nefertiti is well known for the mystery surrounding her name, as well as for her famous colorful bust, which is housed in the Berlin Museum.

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