The most beautiful street in Chania

The painter Hans Hofmann once said: “In nature, light creates color. In the painting the color creates the light”. This was what Ms. Vasso did and gave color and light to a street in the city of Chania, on Vicentzou Cornarou Street. Ms Vaso with her brushes, her creativity and her colors managed to turn a simple street into the most beautiful one in Chania.

painter, The most beautiful street in Chania

It all started when Ms. Vasso decided to paint on the outside wall of her house: “I said to do a painting. It was nice and so I did the second one. That’s how it started … Then they said nice words to me … and I said, “why not to paint across my house to make myself feel good once I open my door? And i did it” she said in the local Newspaper “Haniotika Nea” in 2017.

painter, The most beautiful street in Chania

“Although I do landscapes, there are always traces of faces in them,” the Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh had said, and in the case of Cornarou Street we will always know that Ms Vasso’s love will be behind every touch!

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