The magical Gorge of Ha and the legend behind its name

One of the most popular gorges of Crete listens to the unusual name “Ha”, where it hides an interesting story. Although an artificial gorge, it includes several waterfalls, cliffs and a unique view that all visitors will want to admire. This gorge is located on the west side of Mount Thriptis and carries the water that is collected there in the isthmus of Ierapetra, which then flows into the beach of Pahia Ammos.

, The magical Gorge of Ha and the legend behind its name

To enter the Ha Gorge, you must find yourself under the Byzantine church of Agia Anna at an altitude of about 800m. On the other hand, its exit is located at an altitude of 100m, next to the village of Monastiraki and can be seen by many people as a knife that has divided the mountain in two. It is worth noting that the gorge has been secured with a relay by the speleological associations of Crete and in order to cross it one must have gorge demolition equipment and special training. Of course, without equipment, the gorge can be crossed by moving a little inland, if it is located at the exit to Monastiraki.

With a little care you will be on the north side and will reach the point where a beautiful lake is formed at the base of the last waterfall. The way the specific gorge got its name is also remarkable. According to the legend, the gorge connects its name with that of the village “Gras”, ie the location where the current settlement of Agios Stefanos is located today.

The legend behind its name

Once the Saracens tried to occupy the fortress of Agios Stefanos and for this they kidnapped an old woman. They ordered her to lead them to the secret passage of the fortress and the old woman led them to a place, which as they entered the entrance was lost more and more. When they had reached a sufficient depth and there was no turning back, the old woman told them “Get out of here again” and the panicked Saracens fell into the void dragging her. She herself began to laugh, with her piercing laughter echoing in the abyss, which communicated with the ravine of Ha, and so the people of the area heard the “Ha, ha, ha” of the old woman, giving the name Ha.

, The magical Gorge of Ha and the legend behind its name

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