The legendary New York home of “Casa Susanna”

Casa Susanna was a popular weekend destination in Jewett, NY for cross-dressing men and transgender women in the early 1960s. The bungalow camp was run by Susanna Valenti and her wife Marie.

The hostess was Susanna, who was Tito Valendi, worked as a court translator. His wife, Marie, had a wig shop, supplying many of the home’s guests.

Tito Valenti was not a homosexual, but from a young age he liked to dress as a woman.

In the early 1960s, when Tito unveiled his special hobby to his wife, they decided to launch a series of seminars, held each weekend in their New York apartment.

Valendi taught other stakeholders how to dress, dye, comb and move around to look like women. He gained so many customers that he bought a house in the suburbs of New York, which he named “Casa Susanna.” There, for $ 25 a weekend, men could live a woman’s daily life. They were playing cards, knitting, shopping, cooking and exchanging views on fashion, music and their children.

By the end of the ’60s, the Casa Susanna was closed for unknown reasons, and it all seemed that the secret life of the tenants would be lost forever.

But in 2005 a book with their photos was published by Robert Swop and Michel Hurst. At a local bazaar they found a box of 400 photos of “Casa Susanna”.

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