The “legend” of the 80 soldiers who returned … 81!

It is known (or unknown?) the Liechtenstein‘s “relationship” with war.

, The “legend” of the 80 soldiers who returned … 81!

The legend says that when Liechtenstein was forced to send its army during the Austro-Prussian War to protect the passes between Italy and Austria, they sent all their force, that is, all 80 of their soldiers.

When they finally returned to the capital, Vaduz, they not only had no casualties, but their army had one extra person, that is, 81 soldiers in total!

According to the legend, this was an Italian who has found an opportunity to leave his country, hoping for a better life in wealthy Liechtenstein.

Another version of the legend claims that this happened during World War I!

, The “legend” of the 80 soldiers who returned … 81!

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