The imposing monastery of Agios Ioannis the Hermit in Chania & its legend

Chania is one of the most popular cities in Crete, with the seas, the picturesque villages and the entire hinterland of the prefecture of Chania to enchant and approach many tourists.

However, in Chania there are some special monuments, which refer to religious tourism and can take the breath away of anyone who visits them, such as the monastery of Agios Ioannis the Hermit or also known as the Catholic. The imposing monastery of Agios Ioannis the Hermit may now be abandoned but nothing can deprive it of its magic.

Katholiko is located on the north coast of Akrotiri and at a distance of about 20 km from the city of Chania and specifically near the exit of Avlaki gorge on a steep slope. To reach the monastery that was the place where Saint John the Hermit slept and the refuge for many other hermits, it is enough to cross a large stone bridge.

Visitors who are interested in reaching this monastery, have to walk about 30 minutes from Gouvernetou Monastery, but the view will enchant them. In fact, if you walk ten minutes extra, you will see a separate sea, in which a wonderful small fjord is formed with dreamy waters, which ends where once existed the port of the Monastery of Agios Ioannis Erimitis.

It is worth noting that this port is possessed by a legend, according to which some pirates had landed to capture the monastery. The Abbot then cursed them, their boat petrified and so they could never leave the island. We could say that the myth can be confirmed if we consider that a large ship-shaped rock is located at the exit of the gorge.

, The imposing monastery of Agios Ioannis the Hermit in Chania & its legend
, The imposing monastery of Agios Ioannis the Hermit in Chania & its legend

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