The history of beer: From the Ice Age and Ancient Egypt to its place in Greece

Beer is one of the drinks that most adults on earth prefer to drink either at home or on an outing. But how far back in time do we have to travel to discover the origins of beer?

The first recorded history of beer, as a sample of urban civilization, dates back to around 3400 BC. in Southern Mesopotamia by the Sumerians, pictogram, however, from a seal of 4000 BC. found at Tepe Gaura in Mesopotamia, depicts two figures, who with the help of a cane drink beer from a massive ceramic vessel.

In addition, the Babylonians, who succeed the Sumerians, make beer from various cereals and in fact in the code of Hammurabi, the right to consume it is guaranteed and proportional to the social position of the consumer! Beer is also found in many myths, such as that of Ancient Egypt.

, The history of beer: From the Ice Age and Ancient Egypt to its place in Greece

The Sun God, Ra, was angry with the people because they were conspiring against him and so he sent his daughter, the goddess Athor, to punish them. But her anger was enormous and Ra was afraid that the human species would disappear. When it was too late to revoke his order, he decided to take advantage of the narcissism of Athor (who is considered the goddess of joy and dance, and her temple was considered a place of drunkenness and tenderness) and so he made a large amount of beer (rumored that there were seven thousand jugs). Ra scattered this amount on the ground creating a kind of lake in which Athor was mirrored, bent down to see herself and ended up drinking a lot of beer, sleeping and forgetting the punishment of people.

In the history of beer, recorded in his book “The history of the world in 6 glasses” British scientist Tom Standage notes: “We know for sure that the Sumerians and Egyptians used beer in their rituals or in rural fertility ceremonies and at funerals, so the religious use of beer may have preceded the social one. ”

As for ancient Greece and its relationship with beer, as has been seen in documents of the past, it was not very popular, so that it exists in their daily lives. The ancient Greeks used mainly vineyard and nectar. However, they served as a stopover for the beer journey from Egypt to Europe. As revealed in the work of Gaius Pliny Secundus, “Natural History”, the processing for the production of beer, in Greece needed the hops, a climbing plant, which thrives in temperate countries and grows among epilogues. Officially, hops disappear for several centuries and reappear in beer ingredients in the Middle Ages. According to the Hellenic Brewers Association, the Celts and the ancient Germanic tribes have known beer since the 1st century BC. century, although they are rather unaware of hops.

, The history of beer: From the Ice Age and Ancient Egypt to its place in Greece

In general, however, it is worth mentioning that beer may have been discovered from 10000 BC, ie after the ice age. At that time, it is believed that the people of the fertile valley discovered the usefulness of wild barley and wheat. But even if humanity has not received a written historical reference to beer since then, the first human inscriptions on rocks reveal that it had entered people’s lives long before the discovery of writing.

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