The Greek lakes that come from… space!

A unique attraction is “hosted” a few kilometers outside the greek city of Volos. It is none other than the beautiful and rare both in beauty and characteristic Lakes Zarelia.

This amazing attraction has come from space and all this is scientifically proven!

, The Greek lakes that come from… space!

Their story

About 10 thousand years ago, a meteorite hit the Earth and created two twin craters. This unique phenomenon in Greece was the occasion for the creation of Lakes Zerelia.

At a distance of 250 meters from each other, they are located 4 kilometers southwest of the city of Almyros. A few meters from the lakes is a small hill, on which a prehistoric settlement was located, inhabited until the Bronze Age. In addition to their archaeological interest and meteorological origin, they are a hospitable environment for many species of birds such as white storks, green-headed ducks and oysters.

The largest lake has a diameter of 250 meters and a depth of about 8, while the smallest has a diameter of 150 meters and a depth of about 6 meters and the bottom has the shape of a plate….

The temple that appears when the level of the lake falls

The hill located in the area was explored by the archeological team of H. Reinder Reinders from the Dutch Archaeological School. There, in a surface excavation of the soil, ceramic fragments from the Bronze Age were found.

According to archaeologist Dimitris Theocharis, the temple of Athena Itonidos is located in one of the two lakes and appears only when the level of the lake falls, a fact that the head of the first Reinders excavation disputes.

, The Greek lakes that come from… space!

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