The biggest anthem in the world is …”blue and white” and praises Freedom

Hymn to Freedom – National Anthem of Greece!

It is a poem written by Dionysios Solomos in May 1823 in Zakynthos and a year later it was printed in Messolonghi. It is part of the national anthem of Greece (since 1865) and of Cyprus since 1966. The anthem was composed by Nikolaos Mantzaros in 1828.

It consists of 158 turns or 632 verses and is the largest state anthem in the world!

I recognize you from the

scary cutting of the sword.

I recognize you from the view

that violently watches over the earth.

Because you were born from the bones,

the sacred ones of the Hellenes/Greeks,

and for as always you were brave,

blessed you shall be, oh blessed you shall be, Liberty !

You had been residing there inside,

embittered, shy,

and you were looking forward to a mouth

to go tell you: “Come again.”

That day was yet to come

and everything was silent,

because the fear was shadowing them

and the slavery was destroying them.

Miserable ! The only comfort

left for you was to talk about

lost majestic moments.

And she couldn’t wait, and she couldn’t wait

for a liberalist voice.

One thing was hitting the other hand

from the desperation,

and you were saying: “When, oh, when will I get

my head out of the hostage stage ?”

And above you

whinings, enslaved, voices were responding.

The you were raising your glance

which was blind from the whining,

and down on your cloth blood was pouring,

full hellenic/greek blood.

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