The beautiful sisters who seduced and killed the Nazis in the forest

World War II, besides many criminals, has also brought many heroes! Heroes of everyday life who did their utmost to keep societies alive, to give hope to people and a bright path of resistance against the Nazis.

Two sisters from the Netherlands, Freddie and Truus Oversteegen, “wrote their own pages in the glorious history” of resistance against the Nazis.

Truus was born on August 29, 1923 and Freddie on September 6, 1925.

From their teens they joined the Dutch resistance. Their job was to sabotage German businesses, blow up bridges and railways, but also to care for Jews (mainly children).

The Oversteegens also killed German soldiers by luring them to the woods under the pretense of a romantic overture and then killed them. Oversteegen would approach the soldiers in taverns and bars and ask them to “go for a stroll” in the forest.

Both sisters died at age 92—Truus in 2016, and Freddie in 2018.

, The beautiful sisters who seduced and killed the Nazis in the forest

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