The ancient Greeks were fish-eaters

Ancients Greeks were preferring to eat big fresh fish, like mullet, eel and tuna.

Fish-eating in ancient Greece is studied by zoo-archaeologist at the Institute of Aegean Prehistory for Eastern Crete, Dr. Dimitra Mylonas, collecting data from written sources, scientific texts and the study of various findings.

, The ancient Greeks were fish-eaters

For some fish, such as mullet or eel, their price was astronomically high for the season. From the 2nd B.C. a fish price list is preserved in a stone inscription from the Akraifnion of Viotia, which at that time was on the shores of Lake Copaida.

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, The ancient Greeks were fish-eaters

According to Dr Mylonas, the ancient Greeks had a particular preference for Aegean stone fish, but were also keen on fishing for many pelagic species, such as tuna – which had a particular preference for the ancient – tuna, mackerel and anchovy, which at times was extremely abundant and very easy to fish in circular nets.

The importance of the sea and its resources had already been highlighted since antiquity and contributed decisively to the development of Greek culture.

, The ancient Greeks were fish-eaters

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