St Spyridon and the “Miracle of tile”

, St Spyridon and the “Miracle of tile”

Saint Spyridon, Bishop of Trimythus, was born in 270 AD. in the village of Assia, Cyprus. He came from a wealthy family and was a shepherd himself. He married and had a daughter, Irini. Unfortunately his wife died early and he became a monk after her death, he studied hard, gained great wisdom and became a Bishop of Trimythus thanks to his religious virtues. He was a great warrior of Arianism. He participated in the First Ecumenical Council of Nicaea (325).

“The miracle”

He is well known for the “miracle of Keramos (=tile)”. In his effort to explain what the “Holy Trinity” means, Saint Spyridon put his left hand in his pocket and pulled out a tile. Talking to those present at the First Ecumenical Council, with his right hand he made the point of the cross and said:

– “In the name of the Father” and in these words of Spyridon, the fire with which the tile was cooked went up.

, St Spyridon and the “Miracle of tile”

– “And of the Son,” he added. Then the water with which the tile was kneaded ran down.

– “And of the Holy Spirit” filled in and the soil remained in his hand.

And he said:

– My brothers, like the tile is a thing of a substance and a nature, but it is triple – fire, water, soil – so is God.

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Saint Spyridon is celebrated on December 12 in the Orthodox Church and December 14 in the Catholic Church. He is the patron of potteries and the famous Russian family of Tolstoys. It is noteworthy that the church that currently houses the saint’s body in Corfu was built in 1589.

He died in 348 AD.

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