Squirrel contributes to the “regeneration” of the ecosystem

Squirrel: This name comes from the Greek words (σκίουρος= «σκιά» shadow and «ουρά» tail).

, Squirrel contributes to the “regeneration” of the ecosystem

There are over 270 recognized species.

Its tufted tail reaches 25 cm, is always lifted and works as a parachute, helping it to fall slowly and softly, even when falling from a high altitude.

Squirrels are generally omnivorous, eating mainly nuts, fruits, ants, butterflies, beetles and tree buds.

Some squirrels fall asleep in winter.

Younger squirrels collect autumn supplies and put them in their nest under the ground.

In the spring, the buried fruits that remain are starting to germinate! Millions of trees have sprouted thanks to ‘forgetful’ squirrels who have buried their seeds!

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