Sex with 10 record numbers you won’t believe

One of the most important parts of a person’s life is definitely sex. But let’s look at some record numbers that some would surely envy to have in their assets:

16,000 women had the biggest harem in history. It belonged to King Tampa of Varanasi.

3 years on average between two elephant encounters.

One man had 16 orgasms in one hour. Record!

A woman had 134 orgasms in one hour !!!

England’s Teresa Vogan has had 61 wives in five years. He was convicted of polygamy.

34 cm is the largest penis ever measured. The measure was taken by Dr. Robert Dickinson.

15 years in prison was the punishment imposed by the Catholic Church on men who masturbated. This was valid from the 6th to the 9th century.

6 years was the corresponding sentence of imprisonment for women.

John Holmes, starring in 2,300 porn movies, had 14,000 partners. He died of AIDS at the age of 44.

2,500 BC, the first “magazine” for men was created and was a sex manual.

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