Proper preparation for exercise in nature when it is cold

Exercise and physical activity in general, is something that we must include in our daily lives, in order to have better results in our health. Many people who are not involved in sports choose the gym while others choose nature. Some, however, are reluctant to exercise on cold winter days, but this should not be a deterrent.

Many studies have shown that people who exercise in the cold improve their performance and fitness. In addition, if exercise is performed in conditions below 17 degrees Celsius, the number of calories burned increases. However, there must be proper preparation to avoid injuries and colds. The first issue that a person who will work out in the cold should consider is clothing. It is good to wear several layers of clothes so that he can remove them as he will increase his body temperature due to exercise.

An ideal solution is a thin synthetic garment for a start, so that it does not leave sweat on the body, a fleece and a sports jacket on top. In addition, emphasis should be placed on the ends with isothermal gloves, a hat and a scarf that will cover your nose. This is because in cold conditions, the body tends to heat its center more than its extremities.

Then there must be emphasis on the way of breathing, which must be done in conditions: inhalation through the nose, exhalation through the mouth. Labeling is done because at low temperatures people are accustomed to breathing through the mouth, especially when exercising. Another useful tip is to warm up more intensely, to avoid injuries, but also to use more water. Drinking more water will help your body maintain a relatively constant temperature.

Finally, attention should be paid to the behavior after the end of exercise. Because you will probably sweat and be in the cold, if you want to avoid the cold you should dress warmly enough.

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