Onassis’ Top 10 phrases for Business

One of the greatest Greek Shipowners whose fame and wealth exceeded the country’s borders was Aristotle Onassis!

He was born in Smirni (Izmir) in 1906 and died in Paris in 1975. He is best known for his business accomplishments (Olympic Airlines, Scorpios island, etc.) and his stormy love affairs (Maria Callas, Jackie Kennedy).

, Onassis’ Top 10 phrases for Business

Lifenroots has identified the Top 10 Phrases of the Greek croesus for Business and presents it to you:

1. The secret to business is to know something that no one else knows

2. To succeed in business, you need to make others see what you see

, Onassis’ Top 10 phrases for Business

3. If you have no money, get a loan. Never ask for a small amount. Ask for what you need and make sure you pay it back. The earlier, the better

4. To succeed, you have to do great things, think big and say great things

5. It is my business law to be the one to buy, not the one to sell

6. I don’t like to lose

7. I have no friends, no enemies. Competitors only

8. The more you have, the more you know you don’t have

9. After a certain point, money doesn’t matter. It ceases to be the goal. The game is what matters

10. Starting to think means starting to do business

It is noteworthy that Onassis’s name became synonymous with wealth across the globe.

, Onassis’ Top 10 phrases for Business

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