“Naughty” Orchis who became the well-known Orchid

Orchis is a greek word which means “testicles”.

According to Greek mythology, Orchis was the son of a nymph and a satyr. During the festivities in honor of Bacchus, Orchis tried to rape a priest. His punishment from the gods was to be eaten by wild beasts and transformed into a weak and modest plant.

, “Naughty” Orchis who became the well-known Orchid

Theophrastus, who referred to the flower “Orchidaceae”, was the one who gave it the name Orchid, inspired by the Orchis’ myth, as it resembles a male genitalia. Orchis was also punished because of his “genitals”!

The ancient Greeks considered the Orchid to be a symbol of manhood and fertility. They believed that eating orchid tubers could give birth to male children!

, “Naughty” Orchis who became the well-known Orchid

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