Life is beautiful in… Nea Chora!

West of the old town is Nea Chora, which is the closest beach to the city of Chania.

, Life is beautiful in… Nea Chora!

Its waters are shallow, suitable for small children, while in the center there is a wonderful marina. Boats depart from the marina daily to bring fresh fish to the city.

It stands out for its rocks that rise out of its deep blue waters, but also the fish taverns, which embrace it harmoniously, inviting the visitor to drink tsikoudia and enjoy the delicious fish dishes of the area!


The history of the New Country is just as important, as it is said that it was named after the Greek refugees from Asia Minor settled in the area after the Asia Minor Disaster in 1922. “Nea Chora” means “New Country-New land”.   

, Life is beautiful in… Nea Chora!

According to the teacher and historical researcher George Pitsitakis (Newspaper “Haniotika Nea”, 4/2/2017) “The district was founded shortly after the revolution of 1866-1869 when a large number of Muslims from the inland of the Prefecture moved to Chania and settled around the Venetian walls. “

The historic church of Agios Konstantinos (Saint Constantine), built in 1915, is located in Nea Chora.

The monument of “Mother from Asia Minor” is in this area also. Near the beach of Nea Chora lies the old factory of ABEA, which was the first industrial unit of Crete in the 19th century, and today there is a school in its place.

Sardine Party

In the first ten days of September, the Sardinia Festival takes place on the beach of Nea Chora, which attracts thousands of visitors with free fish distributed.

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