Incredible scientific breakthrough: Human skin from… a printer

As incredible as it may seem to us, scientists can now print… human skin

A tiny piece of skin can now be “printed” in 3D in less than a minute, scientists in Singapore say. This is a very important step for future testing of cosmetics and other products, as this will avoid animal experiments.

Skin cells and collagen

, Incredible scientific breakthrough: Human skin from… a printer

The skin produced in the laboratory is made up of skin cells and collagen and has the same chemical and biological properties as human skin, said John Koh, a lab manager at DeNova Sciences, who created this new product in collaboration with Technological University of Singapore.

“This can lead to product tests that will not do animal experiments,” he said.

The skin process is accelerated

The research team accelerated the process of skin creation using a type of printing machine that stores layers of tissue resembling human skin. The awesome thing about this machine is that it takes less than a minute to create this part of the skin.

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