How many people have lived on earth?

Among the questions with difficult answers that anyone can ask is “How many people have ever lived on earth”? The truth is that if there is some specific data the calculation is not very difficult but very interesting.

A brief historical review of the population of the earth, in addition to being extremely useful in our research, will also offer important encyclopedic knowledge. According to, there are about 8 billion people living on earth right now, and births are now more than deaths. It is estimated that about 200,000 babies are born every day.

However, the number of living people has increased significantly in the last 200 years. In 1300, according to, the earth’s population was estimated at 360,000 million to 432 million while in 1800 there were about 813 million to 1.125 billion people. A century later, in 1900, the human population grew to about 1.55 to 1.76 billion and in 1950 reached 2.5 billion according to, while in 1990 the number reached 5.3 billion. over the next 25 years the world population grew by two billion and reached 7.3 billion.

It is worth mentioning that living people will always be less than the total number of people who have lived on earth. It is estimated that the impressive number of living people nowadays corresponds to only 7% of those who have died.

The number of people who lived on Earth can be calculated from three factors: how long people have been on Earth, the average population at different times and the number of births per 1,000 during each such period. Based on scientific discoveries, humans have been on earth for at least 7 million years, and the Legacy Family Tree has estimated that every living human has about 1,024 ancestors if we go back 10 generations. It is estimated that the total number of people who have lived is about 117 billion.

Of course, the world population is estimated to reach 9.8 billion in about 20 years and 11.2 billion by 2100.

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