Greeks stole the potatoes with the …Governor’s trick !

Potato is probably the most popular food in the West. This is also true in Greece. But when did the potato “get into” Greek houses?

, Greeks stole the potatoes with the …Governor’s trick !

During the Greek revolution against Turks, potato was unknown to the starving Greek people.

The much-traveled and first Governor of Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias, knew the nutritional value of potatoes and the fact that this fruit (or vegetable for others) was quite economical.

So when Kapodistrias introduced the potato into the country, the Greeks did not find it a good idea, and even deprecated him for his act!

The trick of Kapodistrias

The clever Governor, however, had not said his last word! This is how the following trick was carved:

, Greeks stole the potatoes with the …Governor’s trick !

He stacked the potatoes in bags, locked them in a large fenced-in warehouse, and put guards on guard at night, giving the impression that they were guarding something valuable. At the same time, he had instructed the guards not to do their job effectively in order to let people steal the… potatoes!

And that’s how it happened. Very soon, the first thefts took place. Within a week all the potatoes had been stolen!

Since then, potato is one of the most popular foods in Greece thanks to the inventiveness of Kapodistrias!

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