Greece of Light

“Greece of Light”, the title of one of the many songs that glorify the greatness of Greece.

An amazing Pop – rock song by Constantina, in music by Yanni Chrysomallis and lyrics by Tasoula Thomaidou, gives us the feeling that this is a short biography of Greece! It was written in 1992.

Greece of Light

, Greece of Light

The everlasting, the seas, the mountains

and that I love, I hold within me

the beaches, like the hugs

Greece of light, stone and sky.

All times, it is bent over the Parthenon

for centuries marbles still sing for purposes

on Cyprus smells the soil with mint

and in the Cyclades with white and sunshine colors.

Rocks and caves, courtyards

leaves and water, words pure

a world that is tender, big and small

Greece of light, stone and sky.

This homeland, a poet’s womb

lyric song and salty kiss

embroidery gold, on ivy

Greece of light, stone and sky.

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