Gabriella: The educated and most famous prostitute of Athens

Gabriella Usakova was born on June 6, 1916 in Russia. She came to Greece in 1929 at the age of 13. She was very well educated: she studied at a school for nannies, at the French Institute, she knew 5 languages ​​and taught French. She became a prostitute because she wanted it! As she had stated: “I became a prostitute because of this way I was born“!

, Gabriella: The educated and most famous prostitute of Athens

She was referred to as the “seductress of Athens” while she was famous for her beauty, but mainly for her morality, character and charitable work.

She had never had a “prostate” or any other girls in her home.

Gabriella was the first registered prostitute in the Athens Prefecture.

Gabriella in Occupation

During the Occupation, Nazi soldiers and commanders often visited her. Gabriella extracted information, which σhe then transferred to the Resistance.

By the end of the Occupy Gabriella had already made a fortune.


She raised 20 orphans on her own initiative, educated children from poorer social backgrounds and paid for the needy. In addition, during the Occupation it is said that she was leaving food on the doors of her poor neighbors!

, Gabriella: The educated and most famous prostitute of Athens

At the Presidential Mansion

She is the only one prostitute in the history of the Greek state to have officially passed through the door of the Presidential Mansion to receive honors for her services to the country during the Occupation.

The tragic end

Gabriella, despite all the huge fortune she had acquired (40 apartments, 2 or 3 cottages and millions of drachmas), continued to work until 1991 (until her 75th !!!), when she was tragically strangled.

, Gabriella: The educated and most famous prostitute of Athens

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