Emu War: When humans lost from the… birds!

In 1932, the strangest war, the “Emu war”, between Humans and… birds, broke out in Australia!

In 1932 and after World War I, large numbers of ex-soldiers from Australia, along with a number of British veterans, were given land by the Australian government to take up farming within Western Australia.

, Emu War: When humans lost from the… birds!

However, the land they were given was a gathering point for huge populations of Emu, birds that were grazing the crops…

The desperate veterans, asked from the Ministry of Defense to obtain permission and help to launch a war against Emus. And that’s how it happened! The Minister of Defense provided them with machine guns, 10,000 bullets and the commander Major General Meredith to direct the attacks.

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The war began on November 2, 1932, when 50 Emus were found and soldiers opened fire on them. The birds dispersed at a tremendous speed and were lost in the vegetation.

The population of Emus, which numbered several thousand, proved to be a very difficult enemy!

On December 10, the war ended, killing 986 birds and consuming 9,860 bullets!

EMUS were the great winner of this strange war, who managed to survive without weapons!

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