Dr Convit; the doctor who fought leprosy and cancer and didn’t charge his patients

Jacinto Convit García was born on 11 September 1913 and died on 12 May 2014 in the age of 101! He was a Venezuelan physician and scientist, known for developing a vaccine to prevent leprosy and his studies to treat cancer.

, Dr Convit; the doctor who fought leprosy and cancer and didn’t charge his patients

Among Convit’s many honors for his work on leprosy and tropical diseases was Spain’s Prince of Asturias Award in the Scientific and Technical Research category and France’s Legion of Honor. In 1988, Convit was nominated for a Nobel Prize in Medicine for his experimental anti-leprosy vaccine.

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Dr. Convit became a popular hero in Venezuela because of his dedication to the poor people, as he never charged any patient for the care he provided.

I do not lose my sleep because I did not win the Nobel Prize, but I do lose it in the battle for cancer treatment,” Convit once said.

Convit published his latest study at the age of 100 in 2013!

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