Cicada: the summer’s singer is…deaf!

, Cicada: the summer’s singer is…deaf!

Cicada or tetex in ancient Greek is an insect that usually lives in the trees and produces a characteristic sound, known to everyone during the summer months and especially in the countryside. There are about 2500 types of cicadas, while only 6 species live in Greece. It is particularly well known from Aesop’s myth, “The cicada and the ant”.

, Cicada: the summer’s singer is…deaf!

They live up to 17 years, most of their life living in the underground as worms until they become insects.

They are harmless, they can neither bite, nor pinch.

Did you know that they are deaf and dumb?

, Cicada: the summer’s singer is…deaf!

One of their features that few know is that cicadas are deaf! Indeed, one mayor of Magdeburg, when trying to prove that the cicadas are not able to hear, fired a cannon beneath a tree on which there were thousands of cicadas, but without stopping them from “singing” by the echo.

Deaf males sing loudly calling their erotic companion, the dumb female, to mate.

, Cicada: the summer’s singer is…deaf!
, Cicada: the summer’s singer is…deaf!

The myth

According to Platon, when the song of the Muses was first heard on earth, people were so upset that they were made to imitate them, to the point that they began not to eat and drink. So, they died without realizing it. And from them was born the species of cicadas.

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