Carnation: the flower of Zeus, its myth, symbolism and uses

Dianthus, commonly known as the carnation or clove pink is considered one of the oldest and most beautiful ornamental flowers. It has a special aroma and its flowers have bright colors!

The myth of the creation of Dianthus

, Carnation: the flower of Zeus, its myth, symbolism and uses

According to Greek mythology, when Zeus saw that Hera had her own flower (lily), he became jealous and so he threw a lightning bolt on the plain of Thessaly where the carnation was created, which is just as beautiful and with a refined aroma as that of the lily. . That is why the carnation as “flower of Zeus (Dias)” is also called Dianthos!

The symbolism

Carnation is considered to be the flower of poets! Unsurprisingly, it hides many symbolisms:

Carnation Yellow: Disgust and rejection

Carnation Red: Admiration

Carnation White: Pure love and talent

Carnation Dark red: Deep love and affection

Coconut Pink: Symbolizes boldness. It is also an emblem of Mother’s Day

Carnation of poets: Abyss, finesse and perfection

Another well-known species of carnation is the Chinese, which produces small colorful flowers.


Carnation is used both for ornamental purposes and in the preparation of medicines. Carnation oil is the main antidote to toothache.

The photos were taken from the nursery “Antonis Garden Center” in Georgioupoli, Chania

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