All the gods …one rose – 4 myths & 1 legend

One of the most popular flowers in the world is the rose and there are many who call it the “King of Flowers”.

There are several Greek myths about the creation of the rose, in which almost all the Gods of the Ancient Greeks are involved.

The myth of Hlorida (Flora)

A myth says that the rose was created by the goddess of flowers and vegetation Hlorida. One day Hlorida found the lifeless body of a nymph in the woods and transformed it into a flower.

He then called Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, and Dionysus, the god of wine. Aphrodite gave the flower beauty and Dionysus the nectar for sweet scent. Aeolus, the god of the wind, blew away the clouds and so Apollo, the god of the Sun, was able to shine and make the flower bloom. Finally, Mars, the god of war, gave the flower thorns to protect its beauty.

, All the gods …one rose – 4 myths & 1 legend

This is how the rose became.

The myth of Rodanthi

The best-known – and perhaps the most dominant – myth of the rose is that of Rodanthi, a young woman who once lived in old Korinth. Gods had given her rare beauty and wisdom. Often the wise men of the city gathered at her home to admire her beauty and wisdom.

One day Rodanthi invited some friends to her home to spend some pleasant hours eating, drinking and discussing. But the wine she offered was plentiful and her guests got drunk. One to tease her told her that a woman can never run into wisdom with a man. Rodanthi, however, replied, “Don’t forget Athena who was called the goddess of wisdom, while none of the male gods was so named,” she told him.

Her response angered some of her guests, who saw her words as an insult to the gods. “Such an attack on the great Jupiter is only punishable by death!” someone shouted.

Rodanthi realized that there was no way to calm her friends, and because she was scared for her life, she ran to the door to get out of the house. The furious guests chased her. Desperate she entered the Temple of Artemis to be saved. The first one to touch her brought out a cry of pain.

Rodanthi had disappeared and in her place there was now a plant of beautiful flowers, but with branches full of pointed thorns.

, All the gods …one rose – 4 myths & 1 legend

The goddess Artemis transformed Rodanthi into a flower to save her from her drunken friends and filled the branches with thorns to protect her from her enemies.

The legend of Cybele

Another legend states that Cybele created the rose to avenge Aphrodite, thereby diminishing its beauty.

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The Touch of Eros (Love)

, All the gods …one rose – 4 myths & 1 legend

A beautiful myth of antiquity says that, once the gods had fun in heaven and drank their favorite drink, the nectar. At one point, Eros, a permanent attendant of the beauty goddess Aphrodite, touched the crater of the Gods with his wing. The nectar rolled down from the sky and fell to the ground. Where it fell it grow the red rose.

«Where Wild Roses Grow»

Rose as a flower has inspired many artists and has been found in many songs. It is worth noting that Nick Cave‘s song “Where Wild Roses Grow“, which he sang with Kylie Minogue, is based on a medieval European legend, which says that a young man fell in love with Eliza Day. She could only be compared to wild reddish tires. “He asked her to meet him on the riverbank, “where the wild roses grow”, where he killed her. Legend says that Eliza continued to appear to passersby, holding a red rose.

, All the gods …one rose – 4 myths & 1 legend

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